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Oriental Pearl TV Tower from Jin Mao Observation Deck.

Pudong Skyscrapers.
Pudong Skyline.

Contrast of Old & New in Pudong.

Newlyweds on Saturday in Pudong Park.

Jin Mao Tower.
Hyatt Hotel in Jin Mao Tower.

Sunrise over Pudong.

Pudong Across from The Bund

Tour Boat on Huangpu River.

Diorama of Shanghai History at Bund's Huangpu Park.

Rooftop View of Pudong.
Huangpu Park Diorama.

Pudong view from Terrace above the Bund.

Huangpu River View from Bund Building 19.

Bund Exercise with Rising Sun.

Morning Silhouettes on Bund.

Bund Exercise Team.

Exercise Teams Line the Bund.

Pudong Skyline from Bund.
Historic Bund at Night.

Morning Dancers on Bund.

Morning Excercises on Bund.

Skater on Bund.

Exercise Team on Bund.
Young Couple at Grand Theater.

Grand Theater at Night.

Grand Theater Aglow.

Peoples Square Morning Exercises.

Peoples Square Fountain at Night.

Shanghai Museum at Night.

Morning Tai Chi in Front of Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai Museum Boddhisattva.
Shanghai Museum in Peoples Square.

Jade Buddha Temple Monks.

Jade Buddha Temple Wall.

Nanjing Road Shopping Mall.
Jade Buddha.

Nanjing Road Shopping Mall at Night.

Brilliance Shimao International Plaza on Nanjing Road.

Night View of Nanjing Road.
Contrast of Old & New Architecture.

Xintiandi Restaurant Mall.

Site of First CCP National Congress.

Saturday Bird Market.

Zhongyan Road Park Goldfish.

Childrens Palace Zither Lesson.

Childrens Palace Musicians.
Childrens Palace Calligrapher.

Huxingting Teahouse in Old City.
Huxingting Teahouse at Night.

Zig Zag Bridge, Old Town.
Old Town Restaurant.

Old Town at night.

Lighted Building in Old Town.

Old Town Lights.
Confucius Temple in Old Town.

Shanghai Acrobats.

Girl Acrobat.
Balancing Acrobat.

Dancer at Shanghai Acrobats.
Empress at Shanghai Acrobats.


Model as Empress on stage at Shanghai Acrobats.

Model on Stage at Shanghai Acrobats.

Historic Peace Hotel Doorman.
Bicycling Acrobats.

Train Station Plaza.

Shanghai Maglev Train
Shanghai Maglev Train in Terminal
Shanghai Maglev Train Interior with Time & Speed

Assembly Line at GM Factory.
Shopping Crowd.

Shanghai GM Buick Assembly Line.

Stock Exchange in Pudong.

Baoshan Iron & Steel Complex.

Baoshan Foundry Worker.

Baoshan Steel Loading Dock.
East China University Math Class.

East China University Campus.

Port of Shanghai Shipping Containers.
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Pudong at Dusk.

Pudong Panorama.

View from City Center.

City Center Panorama.

Pudong Night Panorama.

Shanghai Museum in Peoples Square in Evening.

Port of Shanghai, Huangpu Docks.

Pudong with TV Tower.
Pudong with Jin Mao Tower.

Huangpu Traffic and Pudong Skyline.

Inaugural Chinese Grand Prix.

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