An Eye on China's Past
A Sampling from the ChinaStock Historical Collection

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Ordinal Numbered Pottery (6000-7000BC)
Oracle Bone, Shang Dynasty
Ancient Compass, Warring States Period
Ancient Coins (circa 500-400BC)
Bronze Farming Tools, Spring and Autumn Period
Reproduction of Wheelbarrow
West Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD)
Wooden Board Players, Han Dynasty,
Wuwei, Gansu
Lacquer Bowl, West Han dynasty,
Mawangdui, Changsha
Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art (100AD),
East Han Dynasty Book
Han Dynasty Brick Carving
Brick Painting of Sowing Seed (circa 300AD),
Breast Feeding & Caring About Babies Food,
Buddhist Carving, Baodingshan No. 15, Dazu, Sichuan
Painting of Yellow Emperor
Bronze Bells, Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, Wuhan
Emperor Qin Shihuang
Kong Fuzi,
Founder of Confucianism
Lao Zi,
Founder of Daoism
Sun Tzu, Military Strategist,
Spring & Autumn Period)
Admiral Zheng He Returns
From Oceans Expedition

Silk Gauze, West Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD),
Mawangdui Tomb, Changsha
Yang Guifei (719-756AD),
Tang Dynasty Mistress
Silk Weaving,
Qing Dynasty Painting
Silk Road Mural of Traveler with Camel,
Jiayuguan, Gansu
Silk Road Leather Boots, West Han Dynasty
(206BC-8AD), Xinjiang
Glass Vase,
Sui Dynasty,
Tomb of Lijing Shun
Pilgrims at Silk Road City,
Magao Grottoes Cave #217, Tang Dynasty Mural,
Dunhuang, Gansu
Foreigner on Silk Road,
Tang Dynasty Pottery,
Tomb of Yong Tai Princess
Ghengis Khan
.First Ming Emperor
Zhu Hongwudi (1328-1398)
Ming Emperor Yongle
Manchu Troops in Nanjing
in 1640's
Ming Confucian Scholars,
Silk Scroll Painting
Qing Dynasty Theater
Dowager Empress Cixi,
Qing Dynasty
Yuan Shikai, Republic of
China President (1859-1916)

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