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Cormorant Fishermen lighting lanterns at Xingping.

Sunrise at Yangshuo.
Cormorant Fishermen lighting lanterns.

Li River near Xingping.

Li River reflections.
Guilin beauty.

Fishermen at rest on the Li River.

Sunrise at Gaotan.
Night fisherman.

Net Fishing.

Cormorant fishermen at dusk.
Cormorant Fishermen.

Red Sail on the Li River.

Fisherman with cormorant.
Karst peaks along Li River.

Li River Morning.

Water Buffaloes crossing river at Gaotan.
Farmers crossing river.

Li River Cormorant Fishermen.

Lone Fisherman.
Alone on the Lijiang.

Guilin farmer.
Herding Ducks.

Farmers near Yangshuo.
Net Toss.

Li River Sunset.
Yangshuo Girl.

Jade Dragon River Bridge.
Women on Terraces.

Longsheng Rice Terraces.
Spring blossums at Jade Dragon River.

Red Yao Women at Longsheng.
Sorting Peppers, Ping'an.

Autumn Peppers.
Longsheng Panorama.
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Keyword Search for ChinaStock images of Guilin @ AGPix

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