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Great Wall at Huangyuguan
Morning exercises on the Bund, Shanghai

Novice Monks, Lhasa, Tibet
Grand Canal, Suzhou
Monk on Cell Phone, Anhui

Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang
Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi'an

Ferry to Gulangyu, Xiamen
Incense Burner Temple & Yellow River, Shaanxi
All images above ©Dennis Cox 2007, All Rights Reserved

Two images below ©Christopher Liu (l) and ©Chen Yixin (r) 2007
Qutang Gorge, Yangtze Three Gorges
Fashion Show, Shanghai

Emperor Kangxi; Admiral Zheng He; Mural from Thousand Buddha Caves, Kuqa; Bodhisattva, Magao Grottoes, Dunhuang.
Above four images (l to r)
©ChinaStock, ©Yu Zheng, ©Ru Suichu, and ©Ru Suichu 2006

Images below ©Dennis Cox 2007, All Rights Reserved
Old Door Detail, Anhui Province; Old Cigarette Ad Poster; Mao Memorabilia; Shanghai Neon.

"Democracy Wall", Beijing, 1978
Anti-war Demonstration, Shanghai, 1999

Cultural Revolution, Socialist Realism Art: Worker posting Dazibao; Mao with Workers, Peasants, & Soldiers; Student Painting, Shenyang
Images above from Christopher Liu collection (l & c) and
©Dennis Cox (r), All Rights Reserved

Images below ©Dennis Cox 2007, All Rights Reserved
Lanterns, Brushes, Lotus, Bamboo.

Zhang Jia Jie Overlook
Zhang Jia Jie National Park, Hunan

100 Yuan Renmenbi Notes
Chairman Mao Portrait, Tiananmen

1950's Stream Locomotive, Northeast
Years of Labor, Farm Woman, Suburban Shanghai

Lake Taihu, Wuxi
Confucious Cemetary, Qufu

Urban Teenagers
Bailin Temple, Hebei

Yuanyang Village, Yunnan
Wuhan Noodle Shop

Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang
Huangshan in the Mist

Giant Buddha, Leshan, Sichuan
Double Twins, Dalian

Neon, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Harbor
Lisboa Casino, Macau
St. Paul's Ruins, Macau

Images below ©Christopher Liu 2012, All Rights Reserved
Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan
Mount Lushan, Jiangxi

Ping Yao Ancient Town, Shanxi
Satellite Dish on House in Mountain Village

High Plateau, Northwest Sichuan
Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan

Buick Dealership, Xi'an
Soccer Fans Celebrating, Beijing

Images below ©Liu Xiaoyang 2012, All Rights Reserved

Internet Ad, Beijing

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