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National Grand Theater

Beijing Opera, The Monkey King.
Great Wall at Badaling. MORE Great Wall .

Forbidden City's Golden River.

Imperial Palace Roof Tops.

Forbidden City Lion & Cub.
Forbidden City Guardian Lion.

Bei Hai's White Dagoba from Forbidden City.

Imperial Palace.

Forbidden City Door.
Lion in Forbidden City.

Gate of Supreme Harmony.

Imperial Palace Restoration. MORE Forbidden City.

Tiananmen Gate with Fountains.
Imperial Palace Lion.

Mao Portrait on Tiananmen Gate.
Flowers at Tiananmen Gate.

Tiananmen Square.
Keyword search for ChinaStock images of Beijing @ AGPix

Summer Palace Longevity Hill.
Summer Palace Morning.

Summer Palace's Kunming Lake.

Summer Palace Long Corridor.
Summer Palace Dragon Boat.

Summer Palace's Seventeen Arch Bridge.

Summer Palace Roof Detail.

Summer Palace's Sea of Wisdom Temple Boddhisattvas.

Dowager's Marble Boat.
Summer Palace's Pavilion of Buddhist Virtue.

Marble Boat, Summer Palace. MORE Summer Palace.

Ming Tombs Spirit Way.

Nine Dragon Wall Detail.
Ming Tombs Camel.

Bei Hai Park's Nine Dragon Wall.

Jingshan Calligraphy Teacher.
Jingshan Park Sidewalk Calligrapher.

Calligrapher with Water Brush in Jingshan Park.

Jingshan Park Morning Exercises.

Dancing in Jingshan Park.

Young Patriot
Chinese Food?

Fangshan Restaurant Chef.
Fangshan Abalone Specialty. MORE Food.

Fangshan Dancing Girls.

Keyword search for ChinaStock images of Beijing @ AGPix

Temple of Heaven Complex.
Temple of Heaven Door Knockers.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Temple of Heaven.

Temple of Heaven Gate.

Ceiling of Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Temple of Heaven.

Temple of Heaven View.

Temple of Heaven Hall of Prayer.
Temple of Heaven Door.

Temple of Heaven Echo Wall.

Women at Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. MORE Temple of Heaven.

Riding with Dust Protection.
Morning Bicycle Commuters.

Prince Gong Garden in Hutongs.

Hutong Chess Players.

Hou Hai Night Life. MORE on the Hutongs.

White Cloud Daoist Temple.

Lama Temple (Yonghe Gong).
Lama Temple Door. MORE Lama Temple.

Beijing Opera Makeup.
Mass at Xishuku Catholic Cathedral.

Beijing Opera Singer.

Beijing Opera The Jade Bracelet.

Traditional Beijing Opera. MORE Beijing Opera.

Theatrical Dancer Backstage.

Yuan Ming Yuan (Old Summer Palace) Ruins.

Old Summer Palace Ruins.
Father & Son in Yuan Ming Yuan Park.

Fragrant Hills Park Yanjing Lake.

Fragrant Hills Park Archway to Bright Temple.

Fragrant Hills Park Bright Temple Maitreya Buddha.

Fragrant Hills Park Bright Temple Terrace.

Bright Temple Carving.
Artists Wang Xing & Chen Fei.

Painter Li Xiao Feng in Discover Art Space Studio.

Hong Chen, Discover Art Space Painter.

China Art110 Gallery in Chaoyang.

Northeast Art District's China Art110 Gallery.

Factory 798 Space in Dashanzi Art District.

Factory 798 Outdoor Sculpture.
Factory 798 Gallery Art.

Factory 798 Art Admirers in Dashanzi Art District.

Silk Street Pearl Market.

Cloisonne Workshop.

Cloisonne Vases.

Street Vendor Selling Flowers.

Internet Cafe.

Teens on Wanfujing Shopping Mall.

Apartment Community in East Surburb of Tongzhou.

Tongzhou Gated Apartments.

Ancient Ba Li Bridge in Suburban Tongzhou.
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Keyword search for ChinaStock images of Beijing @ AGPix

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"Little Emperor" with grandparents at Summer Palace.

Spring Festival Parade at Dragon Pool Park.

Spring Festival Dragon Dance.

Dragon Dancers during Spring Festival.

Central City with Great Hall of People.

Wangfujing Shopping Mall.

Dong Bian Men (Ming Dynasty East Gate).

Beijing Railway Station.

New Beijing West Railway Station.

Changan Avenue Taxis. MORE Beijing Traffic.

Spring Dust Storm.

Cityscape along Third Ring Road.

Family Watching TV.

Success Night Club.

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Beijing Disco.
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Keyword search for ChinaStock images of Beijing @ AGPix

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