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United States President Ronald Reagan and wife
Nancy visit the Great Wall. © Zhang Shuicheng
.....Mao Zedong with the Dalai Lama and
.....Panchen Lama, Beijing, 1954. © Lu Houmin
Scene during a temple fair near Dongbianmen,
Beijing, Qing dynasty. ©
.....Red Guards in Beijing during Cultural
Revolution, 1966. © Zheng Yongqi

Guilin along the Li River in Guangxi
during 1950's. © Chen Yajiang

Canadian surgeon Norman Bethune operating in a
temple in Northwest Shaanxi, 1939. © Wu Yinxian
U.S. Envoy Patrick Hurley flanked by Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai departing for Chongqing
for negotiations with Guomindang (KMT) at end of WWII, Yenan, 1945. © Wu Yinxian
Mao Zedong giving report to cadres,
Yenan, 1942. © Wu Yinxian
.Mao Zedong playing ping pong,
Shanghai, 1962. © Lu Houmin
Deng Xiaoping, CC Party Secretary to Army,
Yenan, 1941. © Wu Yinxian
Mao Zedong with Deng Xiaoping, 1959.
© Hou Bo/New China Pictures

Mao Zedong with Stalin. © ChinaStock
Mao Zedong with his son Anying, 1949. © ChinaStock
Tangshan Earthquake Damage, 1976. © ChinaStock
All photos © ChinaStock

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